Diesel Academy Service Center Submission Form


  1. Having a Diesel Academy Certificate or having a Diesel Academy Licensed Instructor certificate for the specified repairing job.
  2. Proof of technical qualifications for injector repairing and/or pump repairing, after passing our proficiency test and our live interview.
  3. Should have the required tools and test equipment in order to repair the requested part.


The Procedure 

1) We have received a service request to repair 12 pieces of injectors. 2) We analyze where the customer is located and search our Diesel Academy Service Network for the closest service location with the expertise of repairing the requested injector. 3) We contact our service and inform them about the service request. Then we learn their service fee for repairing the requested injectors. 4) We inform the customer about the service fee and forward the customer to our service center. 5) The cost of spare parts that will be used for repairing the injector will be quoted to the customer after the goods are inspected in the service center. 6) When the customer approves the order we will collect the payment from the customer (including with our  %7.5 commission) and we will assign a deadline for delivering the goods. 7) The cost of spare parts will be covered by us including the shipping cost if we can provide better pricing than the service center can source. When the repair process is over, we will request the initial test reports and the final(repaired) test reports for each injector. If the reports are positive we will be paying the service fee to our service center. 8) We do provide 12 months warranty for the spare parts that we have sold, and the service center agrees to provide 12 months warranty for their repaired products. If the injectors are malfunctioning within the warranty period, the goods will return to the service center and will be diagnosed to find out if the error is due to the spare parts, misconfiguration of injectors or there is something else in the vehicle that is causing the problem. The warranty won't cover if the malfunction is due to another mechanical part of the vehicle other than the injector itself. 9) For spare parts we do provide 12 months warranty to our Diesel Academy branded aftermarket products which come with very competitive pricing and great quality. For OEM spare parts we can not provide any warranties since we do not get a warranty from the OEM while purchasing the goods.