Diesel Academy is specialized in providing training programs for injector repairing and diesel pump repairing.

We are a customer-oriented organization, focusing on customer needs, following the recent developments in technology, educating diesel mechanics and workshop owners in order to prepare them to become pioneers of their job.

Diesel Academy is the first Virtual Reality Training provider in the diesel industry. Virtual reality is used for educating purposes in different industries as well. For example, the health industry is one of them where doctor candidates practicing virtual reality training for surgeries in order to gain experience before operating on a real surgery. Whereas our training programs prepare mechanics to repair diesel injectors and diesel fuel pumps. Virtual Reality is like visualization on steroids, changing your environment once you wear the VR glasses and makes you feel like you are right inside of the video you are watching, making all things real for you. Studies have proven that Virtual Reality training is more effective in learning comparing to traditional training methods. You will have %30 better knowledge retention, two weeks after learning with virtual reality.

Diesel Academy provides in-house training as well. We have customers from all over the world and we are able to provide training courses in English, Arabic, Farsi, Turkish and soon Spanish... Our in-house training program works with a reservation system. You can book your training course based on your own convenience. These training courses are private and done one on one. You can repair a complete injector or a pump by your own during the training course. We are working only with the best mechanics in their field as your tutors. Our in-house training is hosted in Turkey, Istanbul but we are expanding our operations and will be partnering with selected companies in Spain, England, and the United States soon.

We are not just a training company. Diesel Academy also provides spare parts, tools, test equipment and test benches for the diesel industry. You can buy any tool, equipment or test bench you have seen on our training courses. We ship all over the world no matter where you are located.

Meet the CEO

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Ahmet B. Atınç


Ahmet B. Atınç is an internet entrepreneur, diesel enthusiast, website developer, app developer, marketing guru, globalist, programming hobbyist, tech geek, domain investor and a father to his beloved son.

He has established successful online businesses like INJECTOR SHOP,  NOZZLE CENTER, and DIESEL ACADEMY. Developed applications for Apple's App Store and also Android Apps for Google Play Store. His first online venture is "INJECTOR SHOP" which is established in 2017. INJECTOR SHOP is specialized in diesel fuel injectors and reached customers from 87 different countries to the date. His second online venture is "NOZZLE CENTER" which is established is 2018. NOZZLE CENTER is specialized in diesel fuel injection systems, focusing mainly on injector nozzles. Nozzle Center has reached customers from 112 different countries to the date and still growing rapidly. His third online venture is "DIESEL ACADEMY" which is established in 2019.  DIESEL ACADEMY is specialized in training for diesel injector repairing and diesel pump repairing. Diesel Academy is the first Virtual Reality training provider in the diesel industry. Diesel Academy is a strong candidate to become a norm in the diesel industry for training programs like injector repairing and diesel pump repairing. Diesel Academy has just opened a new era for diesel mechanics with its "Virtual Reality Training" programs.

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